"We have been very satisfied with the team's knowledge and expertise. Bridges' ABA program has helped Noah and our family in tremendous ways. The dedication and time invested by Bridges has helped him to be successful in situations my husband and I never thought possible. I would highly recommend Bridges as an extremely well run organization with caring and loving therapists!"
- Mother of 8 year old boy

"Our lives have improved greatly since my son started receiving services from Bridges. Bridges' staff are extremely professional and they make learning fun. My son's behavior has improved significantly since starting Bridges' services. His temper tantrums and other inappropriate behaviors have greatly decreased. He has improved academically and can engage socially more with others. We are able to enjoy more family outings because he can handle being in public better now. Bridges is a great asset to the Autism and Albuquerque communities."
- Mother of 11 year old boy

"What a pleasure it's been to work with your organization and in particular with my son's therapist! She has shown exemplary skills working with my son. She is organized, creative, open to the insights and perspectives of others who work with our son, sensitive to our parental concerns and questions, and most of all gentle and caring when working with him. It has truly been a pleasure cooperating with his therapist to best meet the needs of my son.  Thank you for all Bridges has done for our son!"
- Mother of 5 year old boy

"As a speech language pathologist, I can tell you Stacy is incredible and Bridges is one of the best choices for Autism treatment in New Mexico. Stacy and Bridges fully reinforce the language strategies into a proper course of behavior therapy. This gives the children with Autism a chance for good strong speaking skills and proper behavioral attitudes. The result: higher functioning children with Autism. The quality of life for our children is dramatically improved. They are able to enjoy life more and participate in the community. Bridges breeds success."
- Speech Language Pathologist and Autism Specialist

"The ABA services that Bridges have provided to our son have been invaluable. The one-to-one tutoring that he receives has helped him in every aspect of his life. The staff is highly trained in the field of ABA and they have tailored a program to fit our son's individual needs. The Bridges' staff are delighted when he achieves a task, which in turn give him confidence in his abilities. More importantly, they are a great support system not only to him, but also to our entire family."
- Parents of 9 year old boy