Bridges Online Fillable pdfs

Instructions for fillout out Bridges online pdfs.

Please find the links to each document you need to fill out below. After clicking each link you will be directed to a secure platform to fill out the document. The platform we use is HIPAA compliant.

When you open each link, enter your name into the "required information" field. Then click the orange "Get Started" button. From there, you will be able to read our Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure. Click "Start" when you are ready to begin filling out the PDF. Fields that are marked with a red asterisk are required, and you will not be able to submit the document until they are all filled out.

When you are done filling out a document, you can click "Done" in the upper right-hand corner off the screen. From there, you can confirm that you are ready to submit.

After you submit, you will be given the option download a copy of the document or have the document sent to your email.

Apply for Services

Links below are to fillable pdfs. They will open in a new browser tab.

Client Information Form

Record of Insurance

Fee Agreement

For families with commercial insurance or private pay only

Fee Agreement